Trainingpeaks folder disappeared from Zwift

Hello ther…
I have a problem with the connection of Ttrainingpeacks and Zwift.
The customized workouts do not appear anymore in Zwift. In the past, they were loaded into a spesific folder as custom workouts which are structured in Traningpeaks. This folder disappeared from the list of workout folders in Zwift.
I tried to disconnect TP from Zwift website and Zwift Companion and reconnect, but still, the TP workouts are not showing. I even, Uninstalled TP, Zwift and Zwift Campanion and reinstall them, but the problem was not solved.
I searched on the internet and Google to find a solution, but nothing was useful.
Can anyone help me with this problem

Same for me. Just schedule a workout in TP and it appeared neatly in a TP folder in Zwift on the scheduled day. Not any more though…

I also used to be able to use the “category” tag to sort all custom workouts into custom folders - but that stopped working at the same time. They now just appear in a big, unhelpful mess.