Training plans really based on FTP?

I’ve read that training plans are based on your FTP. I did change my FTP before a training session but the requested wattage or interval duration DID NOT change. I’m thinking it may be because I only changed it by a few watts.

Yes it is based on your FTP.

Training at 346w FTP

At 200w FTP

Training plans are build as % of FTP


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OK, I see. But you changed the FTP drastically. I added 5W to my FTP and saw no change. I think it should be more precise. The difficulty of each training session should follow precisely my FTP, even if it barely changes. Anyway, just another proof that Zwift is far from perfect.

Thanks Gerrie

I changed the FTP by 1w

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That is strange. It did not change on my side when I changed it by 5W. Anyway, thanks for the info.


While I have your attention and since you seem to be an experienced Zwift user, why is it that when I end a session to start another one, the application shuts down completely and I have to relaunch it again? This is odd. Is it the same for you?

Hi @Pierre_Tessier

That is just how Zwift work.

What sessions do you do back to back. If you want to free ride and then do a workout you can just hit menu (or press E) and go to the workout menu and pick a workout.

The only thing you need to exit is to change routes. But there is usually enough road to keep riding for a hour or two. Remember you can make manual turns.

So when you plan on riding a few hours pic one of the bigger maps like London or Watopia.

I understand. But let’s say I started a training session, and after 5 minutes, I decide not to train but to just do a ride. I stop the training ride and delete it. As soon as I delete it, the application quits. I need to relaunch again, which is a bummer.

You can stop a workout by skipping all of the intervals manually. You can do this on the companion app for sure.


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I understand there are always work-arounds, but I wish the app would be a bit more user-friendly and flexible. For exemple, if I wanted to do Ventoux today, I could just push a button and start climbing the Ventoux. Anyway, Zwift is a racing platform for video game adepts, not for week-end warriors like me who just want to prepare for the outdoor season.

We all, or almost all, share the sentiment. But this is the reality right now and you only chance. Maybe we’ll get something improved later. In weeks, months, years?