Do the workout plans take into account my FTP?

I’ve done an FTP test, is the result stored anywhere in the app and where can I see it?
If I start doing a workout plan, does swift take into account my FTP to accommodate my workouts to my level or not?
Last thing, can I do my workout during an event?
Thames a lot.

Yea Zwift training plans are based on your FTP. To see your ftp go to training under the world selector and select a plan, should show you your current FTP in the bottom right.

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No you can’t do a workout during an event.

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But you can during a meetup

All training zones are based on a percent of FTP so they are “calibrated” to your level of fitness. Additionally you can create your own workouts and use “% of FTP” as the basis for each interval.

Thks a lot, and is the plan variable according to my improvements or it is the same since the beginning until the end?
For instance, What happens if I do not do any workout? Is the plan modified?
I appreciate!!

No, it’s set based on your FTP. So if you lose fitness you will need to manually change your FTP or suffer through harder workouts.

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Great, thanks a lot!!

If you take time off you can manually lower your FTP or re-test your FTP. Either way moving forward all workouts will be based on whatever your FTP is set at.

If your fitness is lower than your FTP then some workout will be very hard and other will simply not be possible to complete. Even with a properly set FTP I will fail workouts on occasion. We all have bad days, bad sleep, accumulated stress, poor nutrition, etc on occasion.

For long duration intervals that are typically Sweet Spot and Threshold work 8 minutes up to 30 minutes long I will sometimes take a 10-15 rest if needed. This will not ruin the interval. I limit thus to 1 rest if at all possible, perhaps two if the interval is 25 minutes plus. It does not seem like much but sometimes 15 seconds to gather yourself is all you need and that’s a lot better than just quitting the workout. Second option is to lower the workout a couple percent down to 98 or 97%. Again better than quitting.

For shorter duration VO2 intervals that are typically 1-3 minutes I tend to lower intensity but not take a break. Again 97-98% if needed.

These are only last resort and 90% of the time I do the workouts as prescribed at 100% with no rest.

On the other hand if you test your FTP poorly and have it too low then workouts may feel too easy. In this case you will not be reaching your full potential.

I think a good training plan keeps you going with very hard but doable workouts most if the time and a few soul crushing bleeding out of your eyes sprinkled in.

Lastly a good plan should have you resting. Some very easy Z2 days and a day or two off the bike altogether. All the hard work only beats you down, we get fitter once we recover from that hard work.

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