Zwift Run workouts - 'run FTP'

I’ve recently started having a go at Zwift Run.

As part of this, I’m doing one of the training plans and quite enjoying it. However I feel it’s a bit low effort level compared to what I’d imagined it would be. That certainly isn’t as a result of my being particularly fit or able to run.

What I was wondering is how can we alter our ‘run FTP’ to make workouts a bit more suitable for our personal requirements?

I know I can change my pace for various distances in my profile settings. Zwift, being the clever little so and so it is, has already changed those to match my best (still slow) times.

Even after the ‘best pace adjustment’ the runs in my training plan still seem of a lower effort than I would have thought. I put the workout up to 110% but it still doesn’t seem right.

I’ve stuck the elevation up a few times to make it more apt, in terms of effort, but I don’t really want to do that if the workout doesn’t specifically state it includes hills.

I’m probably missing something blatantly obvious but how do I alter my ‘run FTP’ so the training plan is more suited to me?

It may simply be that the Training Plan starts off a bit easier than I thought it would and, in time, will work up to being more difficult. I’m only about halfway through so I guess that’s possible.

Thanks to anyone who can and does help with this.

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