Changing FTP During Training Plan

Hi Zwifters, I’m currently enrolled in the FTP Training Plan. I’d like this plan to be more challenging. Is there a way to increase the FTP settings in the middle of a training plan so the power zones are higher?

Yes you can do a FTP test and it will update your FTP, or you can go to user profile (where you change weight) and change your FTP number there.


Thanks, Gerrie! Just to clarify, will future training sessions then be based off this updated FTP value? I just found myself in exactly the same situation as the OP.

Thanks again!

Yes all training is based of that value, so when you change that value your training target will also change.

I would suggest doing the FTP test to get your true FTP and not just guess.


Outstanding. Thanks very much. I got maybe 3-4 sessions into a 12-week program before performing my first FTP test last night. Looking forward to seeing how much these upcoming sessions intensify. Cheers!