0 Vote Changing FTP During Training Plan

It’s impossible to change FTP during a training plan as settings now doesn’t have an FTP adjustment (why?). As such, you would need to leave the training plan to do a workout to edit the FTP.

I really like Zwift, but why not have FTP as part of settings. Madness.

Go to menu - settings - FTP

Update: menu - profile - FTP

opps already answered

Hi all,

In Ipad there is no option to change FTP from settings.

From laptop (Mac) there is no option to change FTP (see photo).

See the article I posted.

This may also help.

Hi Gerrie,
But none of that video relates to editing FTP?

Try This

Hi Gerrie and all,

Hallelujah. I’ve downloaded Zwift to my PC and able to edit FTP via the pencil icon. Weird that it is unclear there are two areas of settings, the pencil and the gear symbol.

Anyway, thanks for all the assistance.