ability to modify the FTP value during workout

is it possible to add a + / - button in the workout screen so its possible to adjust the FTP value without exiting the workout

Hi Norbert, this is in fact a planned feature and we’ll be implementing that this spring.  

Hi Norbert, 

Just FYI you can do this already in current version of Zwift but it’s a bit more difficult than just pressing +/- keys.  

When you’re doing the work out press key “E” and change the FTP value. After hit Workout and you’re all set! It will not affect the workout at all. :slight_smile:

Hope it helps. 

Ride On!

Great!!, never dare to touch anything while I’m in a workout. Always worry to loose the data, but I will give it a try if the power on my trainer is off.


No problem, 

Ride On!  :)