Quick Access to edit FTP in game and/or Mobile Link

(David Kindler) #1

Sometimes you’re in a tough workout and just want to dial back more than the 10% arrow keys allow.   Is there any way to do a quick change of FTP without going back to the menu in the game?   When you do this you often drop way behind…  an on-the-fly FTP adjustment would be nice… I suppose expanding the +/- 10% up/dn effort might do the same thing…

Perhaps this feature already exists, and I just haven’t figured it out…






(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi David,

This feature does not exist but if enough people want it to happen, our devs can certainly take a look at it. If you’re in a workout, however, you can pause your workout and then go in and edit it w/o messing up the segment.

(Reed Markley) #3

I was feeling ambitious today during a workout, and maxed out the ± 10%. 20% or 30% would be more useful, or more simply just a way to change my FTP using the ZC.