Editing FTP in profile

Please add FTP editing outside of in-game profile.

Gordon, where else would you like to be able to edit your FTP?


Zwift Game Design

Do i ton your dashboard at my.zwift.com

Profile at my.swift.com lists age, weight and height. I do not find ftp there.

Definitely agree. Trying to do the FTP test, I almost died.  No damned way I can keep those 300+ watt efforts for 2 and 3 minutes at a time.  I’m a beginner.  We should be able to enter an FTP (or a ‘theoretical’ FTP at least) so that we aren’t forced to try to rip off 300+ watts for that period of time

Rob B, you can already change your FTP value in the game (both in the workout selection screen and in the user profile in the menu/pause screen). No need to do workouts based on a crazy high FTP value…

This feature request is about making it possible to change it on my.zwift.com

+1 because it’s REALLY hard to adjust FTP accurately in-game on the Apple TV. 

In addition to changing your ftp in game mode you should be able to edit your avatar’s gears etc without having to start a game. I think this is standard practice in any game and a bit awkward to do in Zwift and not intuitive when considering other virtual software like Zwift… Once the Zwift software starts up on your computer you should have access to configure all these feature since they are not based on the particular ride you are doing. Thanks.

Adjusting the FTP on the Zwift Companion would be the perfect place to have an adjustment.