FTP adjusting by Typing


Since last month update, FTP adjustment by key bord typing number in structure workout has been removed and only can be adjusted by sliding bar FTP only. It is uncomfortable to adjust FTP using only sliding bar.
I am using Zwift for my trainers. Therefore I need to change FTP frequently depending on my different trainers’ FTP. I am wondering if I am only one who feel uncomfortable adjusting FTP in Zwift by moving sliding bar. I hope that Zwift restore tying FTP number feature again to make easier FTP adjustment who need to adjust FTP quickly for workout.

Hello @Master_CEC ,

We’re looking into this at HQ. You should still be able to adjust your FTP via text if you access your user profile, which can be done on the home screen and in the pause menu during an activity.

Thank you so much for writing in. Welcome to the forums!

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