Setting FTP in Mobile Link/Companion?

Can’t seem to figure out if its possible to set your FTP from within the mobile link (now called Companion) app?   Occasionally its convenient to change the FTP in a workout to change level more than the +/- 10% allowed within the app.

You would need to change your FTP from the Zwift App, the setting is not available in the ZCA.

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So, if I convert to Apple TV is FTP setting available there?  If you are doing a workout and go to FTP menu do you interrupt the workout?


and I assume if I launched the zwift app on another device like an iphone, I’d really confuse things in a hurry!

I change my Zwift settings/options on a computer at work and sometime my iPhone and use Zwift for biking on a desktop and Zwift running on a laptop and all syncs fine. Just an FYI, custom workouts don’t sync, if you were to ask.

I know that I’m not contributing to your question, but I find it strange that you have to adjust your FTP by more than 10% in a workout? Are your FTP correct?

Good point… no, I don’t usually need to adjust FTP during a workout, but occasionally its nice to do an endurance-level workout when the actual workload is designed as high intensity… so its a way of tailoring to change level to suit training schedule.  Likewise, a group workout might be endurance, but you want to go hard.   I find that joining a group session is much more fun than doing your own individual session, so sometimes I pick whatever group session is convenient and tailor the level to suit.  I’m probably not the typical use case!

The sufferfest has a sliding scale so you can quickly alter it during a workout, it’s a great feature and should be in Zwift as sometimes you want it a bit harder or an easy day.