Export FTP test Training Peaks


I’m currently on a 3-month plan on Training Peaks, and I have an FTP coming. The problem is that I don’t know if Zwift will automatically detect it as an FTP TEST and update my current ftp, or it will detect it just like a regular workout session from Training Peaks.

The session looks like this

You can manually update your FTP if Zwift don’t.

But if it is your best 20min Zwift will update.


I haven’t done an FTP test on Zwift, but every time Zwift detects a new estimated FTP for me, I immediately get an alert from TrainingPeaks suggesting that I update the numbers.


Hi @Rodee_Valenz, Zwift won’t recognize the workout as an FTP test so you’ll have to follow the instructions provided in the description and calculate your FTP yourself and manually update it in Zwift. One thing to keep in mind is that, to my knowledge, TrainingPeaks doesn’t have a system for creating a free ride block in the middle of power based workout so in order for that 20 minute max effort block to be accurate you’ll need to disable ERG mode and ignore the onscreen target power, otherwise you’ll just spend the whole 20 minutes at whatever placeholder target was built into the workout

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Thank you !! @Lucas_M :smiley: