Training plans - missed sessions


I am currently doing the FTP Builder training plan, due to illness I missed two sessions in week 3, both have expired. Can I redo them?



In the context of the weekly plan - no you can’t make them up. You could check the workout section and see if those 2 sessions are available as individual workouts and do them that way.

The current problem with Zwift training is it doesn’t allow flexibility. So in essence you’d be accumulating more fatigue/stress if you make up those 2 sessions on top of the sessions for the current week then the plan accounts for.

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The only way I’m aware of as to how to do any workout afterwards is as follows using a computer. Do a google search for ‘zwift FTP builder training plan’. This will take you to a webpage ( containing this plan(and others). Find your missed workouts. Input your FTP…the option is somewhere on that page and you’ll note that the workout intervals will now show your own power numbers.
You then need to login to zwift and go into workouts and create a custom workout based upon the details etc you’ve just seen on that web page. Once you’ve completed this workout as a custom workout you can simply select the option ‘I did it’ in your training plan on the expired workouts and they’ll show as done.