Trainer not smart anymore

Since today my Direto wont simulate hills and what not. ERG is working fine but if i freeride its like an Very easy flat road.
Can anyone help?


I noticed the same thing on my last freeride two days ago. Elite Direto X. Training in ERG mode was fine, but when I switched to sim mode, resistance was definitely not according to terrain…

Since you say it works in erg mode, I assume it’s correctly paired as a controllable trainer (e.g. Ant+ FE-C).

Have you set “Trainer difficulty” to 0? That would have the effect of making all gradients 0% so you won’t feel any changes when going “uphill”.

Did you follow these instructions


and it has been working flawless since i started 1 month ago. Now all of a sudden it dosen’t…


I tried to max that and it made a thiny difference…

Hmmm, maybe it’s a Elite thing? But i didn’t heard of anyone with problems like this.

did you recently update Zwift and your Elite Firmware?

No, i just made a calibration in the Elite app today, after that i did a spin down in Zwift. There was no update on AppleTV nor Ipad. My Apple comp has the update but i haven’t used it yet. Maybe i should?



It’s working fine on Mac with last update…


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Trainer pairing is fine, & difficulty is set at Max. I made another try yesterday, and something is definitely wrong in sim mode. I’ll try to uninstall/reinstall Zwift on my Apple TV and give it another try.

I did try to talk to Zwift suport about this, sorry to say they was not listening to me, was talking about check my BT and what not, i also today saw on FB that more people have this problems. Working on my Mac but not on apple-TV.

Uninstalled and reinstalled the app on my Apple TV and its now working fine. Could it be linked with the Trainer Difficulty setting not being applied properly ?? When I had issues, moving it from max to min wasn’t changing anything… Like if it was stuck on min no matter what.