Zwift not working in sim mode

Hi all,

Last week I bought an Elite Direto XR, installed my bike on it and paired it with Zwift on my Ipad Air via bluetooth.

Everything seems fine except for the fact that for every route I am riding, my trainer seems to be in ERG mode all the time. I can’t turn it on or off. The companion app also doesn’t show the ERG buttons. I would like to use sim mode, so the trainer changes gradient when climbing etc.

Does anyone has the golden solution for me? Calibration in the Elite app and the Zwift app is also not possible. I have a Wahoo cadance meter attached to one of my pedals, can this be of influence? I had to glue it to prevent falling off when riding on the road, so I’d rather not remove it. Please help me out!


Hi @Ruurd_Hermus welcome to Zwift forums.

Are you riding a structured workout, or are you “free” riding? Workouts will default to ERG mode, and free rides will default to SIM mode.

During the pairing phase - is your trainer paired as both a power signal and controllable device? Some ERG mode troubleshooting may help?

The calibration should be done using the Elite app. You may also try to see if the trainer is on the latest firmware from Elite.

Dear Ruud,
Did you find a solution? I have the same problem… I’m driving with an Elite Direto X that’s up to date. I also played with different “trainer difficulty” settings. ERG works fine for training, but normal rides are about the same. 10% climbing in the 2th highest gear is not normal, I’m not that strong unfortunately…
Thanks in advance for the golden tip!

Dear Geert,
Try to update the Zwift app to the latest version, for me it did the trick.

Kind regards,

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