Trainer drop out in WTRL 600m from line!

I was wondering if can help me understand what happened in my WTRL race. I lost connection to my trainer (Tacx Flux 2). Took me a minute to reconnect and drop from 9th to 26th!
Here is the Zwiftalizer log.

Any thoughts? I don’t really understand it.

How do you pair the trainer? Directly via Bluetooth, ANT+, or remotely via Companion app? It looks like you are experiencing some network problems, but if you’re paired directly that should not be a reason for the trainer disconnecting. If you’re paired via Companion then it might indicate problems with your local area network (eg, WiFi).

Thanks Paul,
I am pairing using Bluetooth. Running a Mac Book Pro M2.

Are you using the internal bluetooth on the macbook? You may want to invest in a bluetooth dongle and an extension usb cable so its right under your trainer. Internal bluetooth receivers are sometimes very weak.

FWIW I use an M1 MacBook Pro and the internal Bluetooth receiver works great. No problems at all. Your zwiftalizer pics show zero Bluetooth dropouts or resets.

Macs support ANT+ with no added drivers. I also have a Coospo ANT+ dongle that came with an extension cable for less than US$20 and it works fine.

Your problem leaves me wondering if the trainer disconnect was somehow related to the game experiencing some problem due to your network problems. Do you have strong WiFi signal to the Mac? Do you have the option of cabling it directly to your router via Ethernet? Zwiftalizer also has a ping test that you can run manually.

not sure if this would be the cause, but there was a “resend” and a frowny face makes me think this was the issue?

Ah I did not notice that. Does the time of the resend correspond with the time of the disconnection? I wouldn’t expect it to be a major problem but if that’s when it happened then it’s probably related.

looks like there were a bunch of network drops and timeouts all at the same time as the bluetooth resend, must have been something that killed all the signals at that time?

I did, in blind panic, turn off the BT on the Mac, and unplug the trainer & plug it back in. I wonder whether some of those errors were caused by me looking for a solution.

What did you see in the game that caused you to do this? Was there a specific error message or did you see other riders disappear? Did you see Watts and cadence go to zero?

FWIW, I’m currently (still) trying to figure out why my otherwise wondering H3 and my otherwise perfectly adequate Win10 laptop sometimes have power dropouts.

I think that maybe it’s my Norton 360 pulling some funny business. But I get strange zwiftalizer results too–network latency for example, when the problem is purely a power cutoff. I’m still in the world, video still working, other riders still there, my power number just disappears. So, no answer from me about it, just that I’m seeing similar things. Have for a long time, but finally getting irritated enough to dig into it. I’ve told Norton to leave Zwift alone…all I can do now is wait and see if nothing happens. (My cutouts are very sporadic, so it’s hard to gather data about what is causing them. I’ll get two in one ride, then nothing for weeks, then two in two days, then nothing, etc.)

Additional security software does not play nicely with Windows 10 & 11 and is completely unnecessary.

Windows defender is far better and combined with installing the latest updates will keep you safe.


I disagree with the completely unnecessary part, but it’s true that there can be conflicts. I’ve had it ignore other things before, and I’m not sure that this is what’s happening with Zwift–Norton is on all the time, and the dropouts are very sporadic. But it’s where I’m currently looking. (Norton also gets me a password vault, a VPN, registry optimization, data backup, etc. So I’m looking to steer it away from Zwift without having to shut it down each time I want to use Zwift.)