Tracking order query

Hi everyone, I ordered a Zwift ANT + Starter pack, and when I click on ‘click here to see the status of your order’ I get a Google error message.

I then go to the forums and click on BandMerch link to track my order, but unfortuantely I don’t have a login or know how to link this to my order.


I have submitted 2 requests to ZWIFT both are marked ‘solve’ when they issues is still unresolved.


Has anyone else had this problem and can they advise how to track the status of my order, and how I create a bandmerch login to track my order? 





Hi Nick - we forward all of the inquiries to our partner BandMerch who run the Zwift Shop for us. You can create an account on the Zwift Shop to track your order status by clicking on the user icon in the upper right of the navigation bar.

Ride On.


Hi Scott. I have the same issue. My shop account says the order is fulfilled but I can’t track where it is in the world. Does BandMerch allow us to actually track the order or not?

Nick - thanks for flagging this up. Upon investigation, there does seem to be a problem on their end which we’ve been assured they’re looking into. We’ll stay on top of it!

They advise you should’ve received a shipping confirmation email on July 13th. In the meantime, you can submit a request for up to date shipping info here and they should get back to you straight away.

Sorry for the inconvenience. 

The email tracking link issue still exists. Ordered last week (2016/10/02) and got the email with the link that doesn’t work. It doesn’t tell you the carrier so that you could at least try direct on Royal Mail’s site, or the like. I tried Royal Mail and it doesn’t recognize the tracking number.

Ditto.  I placed an order and paid extra for two day shipping.  It is now day three.  No sign of my order.  No response form FedEx or BandMerch.  No return on my wasted $20.  Is THIS to be my Zwift experience going forward?