TOW stage time limit?

Hi does anyone know if there is a time limit on completing a stage? If I can be away for a few hours and come back later to do more, etc?

Trying to squeeze the longer rides in with work.


As far as I know there’s no time limit. I would be surprised if Zwift did put a time limit on such an event, as it effectively closes the event off from anyone who might need to take a long time over it for any reason.

You want to take a break for work, but others might only be able to ride very slowly, or have medical conditions that necessitate long breaks.


I’ve signed in to an event early in the morning - like 1 or 2am - and ridden it 6, 7 hours later with no problem whatsoever. It’s a lonely ride, but I’ve always gotten credit for it. I don’t see why these Tour rides would be any different.