Inactivity during events?

(Aaron Ouellette (C)) #1

Hi all - 

I’m wondering how long can I be inactive w/out timing out from events. Baring my computer going offline / suspending, assuming that was all sorted. How long can I be inactive, before I get timed out of an event. Say I want to split a long event into two segments, one hour at lunch, and the remainder after dinner a few hours later, is that possible or will the event boot me?

I’m a little fime crunched for some of the tour de watopia events, and I’m just trying to see if I could do a spit.

(Paul Graham) #2

Hi Aaron

I remembered reading a post from another Zwifter asking about this, the post is from 2015 but I imagine it still applies.

Seems “24 hours at least” 

Ride On!

(Aaron Ouellette (C)) #3

@Paul - I’m specifically concerned about being timed out of events specifically, not so much about zwift logging me out.  

(Paul Graham) #4

This is a good question Aaron, and one that doesn’t appear to have been raised.

How much time does a rider/runner have to complete an event?

Anybody else have an answer?

It may be worth an official help ticket.

Let us know how you get on, I’m sure the question will pop up again.