24 hours event

Excuse my grammar. I’m Dutch, so not an native English speaker

I recently opened a Cycling Café in the Netherlands. Due to the Covid restrictions in my country we are in a partial lockdown. As a starter this is particularly stressfull. We not yet have a clientbase big enough to make profit every day. This essentially means for us that we don’t make enough money. I’ll manage to pull through the lockdown even if it will be weeks. But what we need is to be visible. People need to see who we are, what we do and where we are located.

We are planning to organize an event where we can present ourselves and meanwhile do something good for others. The plan is to do a 24 hour zwift session and collect money for charity. We will be cycling with two or three people physically at any given time at our location. During opening hours guest can walk in, have a drink or a bite, buy some goodies, make donations. Also we will be streaming the event online aswell (youtube, instagram).

My question is: Can we do this in Zwift? Ofcourse we could just push our pedals for 24 hours, but can we also make an event? What I would love is to give people the option to ride along with us at any given moment. Does Zwift have the option to do this? I use Zwift just as a training, so I never really got familiar with all the extra’s Zwift has to offer!

Any advise?

Sorry, can’t offer any advice re setting up an event, though I would have thought that it should be possible.

Just wanted to say good luck for your business and the event itself.

It might be possible to get an event but the issue is after 30 mins of late join nobody else can join so an open world meetup might be a better option.

If you think an event would work better then try emailing events@zwift.com


I agree with Gordon - if you want people to join at any time then riding in the open world (rather than a specific Zwift event) is probably the best option.

If I was you I’d read through the options at the link below, and see what you think will work best.

It could be worth you testing how a “meetup” works. You should be able to invite up to 100 Zwifters to start riding with you at a specific time (e.g. the first 30 minutes of your ride) and after that people would have to choose to “ride with” you. (And by “you” I mean the Zwift rider who is leading the attempt).

This should mean you could specifically invite people you know to join you at the start, and tell customers to find a Zwifter called “Netherlands Cafe 24” (or whatever your name is) who they could choose to ride with at some point over the 24 hours.


Thanks a lot.

I’ve been in contact with support aswell. They confirm riding in the open world would be our best option. Thanks for the advise.