Consider 24/7 Challenge availability

I think the challenges are a great idea but why must they have fixed time slots if one of the goals if for a rider to just complete the course?  Races of course have to be at a set time.  But if a challenge is a Fondo / fun ride its been my experience riders can start when ever.  For example the Conti challenge.  The times are like 1 or 2 AM or during the workday ending by 2 PM (EDT).  I need my day job to pay my bills like Zwift so unless I want to skip work I can’t do this event?  Yes I understand Zwift is global so no range of fixed times can suit everybody - Exactly my point!!  Yes I get riding with a group makes it more social but why not let me log in chose the challenge on the particular date and just ride it myself if I chose? 

Not all of the group events we hold are hosted by us directly. Many times, other individuals or organizations will reach out to us to host group events and if they happen to reside in another country, they’ll likely select event times that best make sense for locals.

The reason why we do host events on a schedule instead of running them day-round is because dropping-in at any time removes a lot of the social aspects of participating within a group. When riders don’t start at the same time, interacting with them during a ride would be a challenge.

If you know a person or organization in your area that would like to host an event that better meets with local schedule, please have them contact us by email at

Thanks David.  I understand Zwift is very into the social aspect and it does very well with that.  But as I mentioned sometimes being social just wont work given where you are on the planet.  Making it exclusive so it can be social seems a bit counter-intuitive. 

Sure social can be the goal but seems like freedom of choice is always going to work well with customers.  As far as Host global regional hours I mentioned that also; I realize that if there are fixed times that some parts of the world wont have an ideal set up.  Which again then brings us back to why not allow folks to ride it IF they cant make the set hours?    And for a company like Conti that has world wide customers just seems short sighted.

TOTALLY understand that a host can do it how They prefer though.  Thanks for reading and replying.

Even if we do insist event organizers run 24-hour events or host more than one event time, that’s still entirely their decision, and many of our event organizers would likely choose not to abide by that by a matter of preference.

Much of the intent of organizing a sponsored group event on Zwift is to bring community members together to socialize about the sponsor, their cause, products, or services while riding. Removing the social component or splintering the participants into multiple events defeats that cause a bit.

I’d still urge you to post your idea in our Feature Requests forums. Our developers like to consider the support and feedback from other Zwifters before accepting new projects to work into Zwift.

So David, I decided to bite the bullet and get up in the middle of the night (0200 Local) and do stage 2 of the challenge (I did stage 1 on Monday)  HOWEVER, right off the bat many riders were commenting that the progress bar was not working.  When I completed the one lap course and crossed the finish line there was no acknowledgement of completing the stage.   I rode on to the 20 mile mark just to be safe and saw riders in front of me logging out so I did too.  Please advise on Zwift’s plan to credit the 100 or so riders in that stage that appear to have gotten credit for completing the ride?  Thanks!

We’re currently putting together a list of all participants and manually providing out kits as soon as that’s a possibility. If anyone gets left out of the list we’re processing, we can add item requests afterward if you’re willing to email us at and attach the fit file from your ride.

We won’t be adding manual item requests until the list of participants is fully processed, but if you beat us to the punch, we can offer to hold your ticket open until the item request can be added.

I’m really sorry if that’s inconvenient at all. From what I’ve seen, there were a lot of members affected. Our developers are currently trying to pinpoint the cause of the event bug, but haven’t followed-up quite yet with information about it.