This happened to me previously during the TDZ, and happened again today on stage 3 TOW. When saving the activity, the app pauses and then the desktop app just closes. The activity in the companion app is just called ‘04/10/2021’ and when I click on it, it just says ‘OOPS! The activity is still in progress.’

How do I get this sorted out so I get credited for everything earned during this ride and this message goes away?

Hi @Colin_Stevens, sounds like you might be having network issues. Dropping a log file into will show any network errors. Some tricks to help reduce them are restarting your router/modem and setting the channel to a low number like 1 or 3 rather than letting the modem choose the channel, assuming you are on wifi.

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Hi @Mike_Rowe1, I used the zwiftalizer and there are no network errors. I never have dropouts or any wifi issues, and I have over 300mbps wifi. This only seems to happen in large group rides, where saving the activity at the end of the ride causes the desktop app to just close instead of returning to the zwift home screen.

I am not able to post a link, but if you look in my post history, you can see the other post from the TDZ that had numerous other riders with the same issue.

If it helps, this is the last entry of my log file:

[11:20:52] Starting critical power curve search job (2123255355) mTimeStamp = 4987.72900 m_lastSearchTime = 4987.72900 calculating=false

[11:20:53] [FTMS] SIM (-0.1)

[11:20:54] [FTMS] SIM (-0.1)

[11:20:55] [FTMS] SIM (-0.1)

[11:20:55] FPS 18, 61232, 12172, 330488

[11:20:55] [FTMS] SIM (-0.1)

[11:21:12] NETCLIENT:[INFO] Failed one leg latency threshold test. [min: 1333, avg: 2116, max: 2897, n: 44]

[11:21:12] NETCLIENT:[INFO] UDP metrics {StC Rx: 1091, Rx error: 0, CtS Tx: 69, Tx error: 0}