ToW - Stg 3 - My Data not in Activity Feed

Hi Folks, I completed ToW Stage 3 - long, today. The badge was awarded but now of the data can be seen in my activity feed either in the App or Web Site. I can see the only the basic details in the app - distance / time / elevation / calories, but no maps or the data pages.
Any idea folks?

Hey Ronan - thats like a network problem during the ride. Nothing can be done unfortunately except check that your end of the network (wifi, router, ISP etc) have no issues. Rebooting router/modem can help too.

Hi Dean, thanks for that - but not sure if thats the issue - if you can see this screen shot I took after the ride showing all my data with drop off during it and when i had ended the ride

That shows your PM, HRM and Cadence are connected. It shows regardless of network issues - for example, Zwift doesnt require a network once your are riding in a map so you could actually turn your modem off for say 30 minutes and then back on near the end of the ride and still have that splash screen with those results.

Thanks Dean, sounds like that could be the issue - checked the WIFI data but couldn’t see anything.
Looks like I’m doing that route again!
thanks for the info

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Similar issue with stage 4, activity shows 3 miles short, zwift power and the banner say I completed distance. Have emailed support and not yet had an reply.

Anyway I can resolve the distance issue?

Hi Paul, I had no joy in the end - just redid the stage

it’s same for me, like this but can not see detailed data