ToW running Stage 4 Badge?

Hiya guys, First post so if I am in the wrong area my apologies. I ran the Handful of gravel route this morning but just noticed I didn’t get the badge. I know it used to be a rebel route etc but since there is now a badge in the running route achievements area thinking it might be a bug?

Looking at your Activity I would suggest you, or the system, entered into the B shorter run on Mayan Bridge Loop. You might have expected a badge for that run (as I was going to do later today) but I notice that the length of the B run has been set at 3.5 miles. I believe the 3.5 miles only covers the lead in section of the overall route and a further 3.3 miles of the actual loop needs to be run to obtain the Mayan Bridge Loop badge.

@James_Zwift are you able to check the TOW stage 4 B short run please as it looks like those running this morning are only running 3.51 miles. This distance will not get the Badge, but I assume it can be achieved if you continue to run for a further 3.3 miles.

Thanks; I’ve flagged this.

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Ooops Yup your right Ian lol I mis-read it… in that case no badges for me lol. I will run it again and keep running to get the Mayan badge or? and then run the hand full of gravel loop in a day or so.

Just to come back on this, the distance is set as intended, in order to keep it shorter than the longer stage. If you want the badge, I’m afraid you’ll have to keep going for a bit longer.

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Thanks, can confirm keep on running to 6.8 miles and the badge does come up.

I’ve spotted this too.

My only issue is that a lot of details talk about it being a new (rebel) route so you’d think it should at least cover the route. I understand the need for a shorter loop but its even a route badge now which is only completable in an event. Currently nobody is completing the route badge actually ‘in event’ and having to carry on ‘post event’ which seems a bit confusing/against the idea of having it as an event only route.

The route image used to promote the stage also shows the whole route badge route (the drop down to the bottom and the loop itself) but that’s not what the event actually does (just down to the banner at the bottom)


So apart from me having to run this route again to get the Mayan Bridge Loop achievement because I didn’t run far enough,… will I also get the Handful of Gravel one as well seeing as the longer route says its Handful of Gravel?

Nightmare - how can a specific route be set for a group run, to only finish before the end of the route.

Massive oversight on Zwift showing this as the defined route for the B run…

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This was definitely not clear. I thought I’d be able to knock out both badges in a row. Ran the first and got the badge, got into the second and ran that immediately after and was surprised when I didn’t get the badge. I went a few hundred meters further just in case, but obviously no luck there. After running 10 miles, I wasn’t about to tack on an extra 3 just for fun.

I did the events specifically to get the route badges and budgeted my time accordingly. No other event in ToW has required extra distance to unlock the badge and nothing in the description indicates that is the case.

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Well once again ran TOW 4 on the longer run,… got the Handful of Gravel,… but how do you get the Mayan Bridge Loop??? I am getting tired of running this route.

Run the short B run again but don’t stop at 3.5 miles ( which is only the lead in) when the finish banner appears, keep running for a further 3.3 miles on the official Mayan Bridge Loop and at around 6.8 miles in total the Badge will be awarded. No need to make any manual turns you will follow the correct route.


Well I continued from the long loop and did the Mayan Bridge Loop and it didn’t give me anything,… If I have to to this POS route again it will be on auto pilot and I will go do something else.

This seems deceitful on Zwift’s part. Saying that the run is on the route, yet the run only covers the lead in.

There should be a banner or something that clearly states “this run will NOT award the route badge. “

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Hi all, how do I go about getting the handful of Gravel badge - for RUNNING !

As I understand it, that route is still “event only”. There is, however, an event on that route later today. Check out the Team Italy Spirit Group Run at 11:45am mountain standard time. Cheers!