"Zwift Games 2024 Epic" Fail

Was over halfway through this (2hrs for someone as slow as me) and suddenly route information vanished from the display.

The failure happened (I think) at the end of the Mayan Bridge bit - certainly when I passed the Jungle route start it was fine and noticed it missing as I started the ascent out of the jungle after exiting the bridge.

It’s a known issue:


If only I’d known that an hour ago :slightly_frowning_face:

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At least you got the location of where the route progress bar disappeared correct. . .

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And got to put “Epic Fail” in the post title - can’t ignore that :smiley:

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Despite the display failure did you still complete and get the badge for completion or did this failure mean you no longer got the completion badge?

I packed it in the first time. It was the same failure to display route info the second time (which I did the next day) but as James had alerted me to the bug I continued, and I got the badge in the end.

Yeah it happened to me last night so so did a search and came across your post. Was unsure if to push on or not. Fortunately I did and it managed to still work but totally understand the confusion. Hopefully they fix the bug. Thanks for your post it helped me

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It happened for me yesterday. Did not know the bug. Completed the route, just to make sure I got the badge, which I did :slight_smile:

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When this happens after you get out of the Mayan bridge loop, just keep riding - you will still keep on the correct route.

I did the route yesterday and completed it with the completion banner that appears.

I actually rolled a bit further (84.5km) just to make sure of it.