Tour of Watopia Stage 1 - Neon frames and wheels


I really enjoy the rides, but …….

Please, is it possible to remove the neon frames and wheels? It’s quite disturbing. One or two bikes like that in a group is quite okay, but everybody?
Natural bikes are more beautiful and the scenes on Zwift shouldn’t be blurred by neon all over the Place!

With kind regards

Dr Skalman/Bengt Olsson

Ha! I cannot say for sure, but imagine that everyone on the TRON bike is the suprise/gimmick for Stage 1. In other words, you only have to “be blurred by neon” once, unless of course you do Stage 1 several times :wink:


Yes, zwift, please expropriate those tron bikes at least from android users=)

Wow, I’m really amazed by the amount of Tron bikes in ToW Stage 1. I’ve already participated fully in Tour de Zwift, but strangely never had such experience when all the riders using the Tron bike.

In today’s ToW St1 I tried to find at least one non-Tron bike, but without any success… )

as stated previously, the first ride put everyone on the concept bike. if you did tow stage 1, you were on a tron bike. you don’t have a choice.

Cool, strange, but nothing was stated about Tron bike on official Zwift page about ToW.

Stage 1: Road to Ruins
Glow in the night
The night sky covers the jungle, but the peloton is brighter than ever.

Edit - I’m not trying to be an ■■■■, just pointing out that there is a “cryptic” clue to each stage :wink:


It’s something they forced on everyone for 1 RIDE. That’s it. You won’t have to experience this again.


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Not even so cryptic if you use the Companion App. When scheduling my ride for stage 1, it clearly stated, in as many words, that all riders would be on the Concept Z1 bike.


Aye, that too :rofl::+1: