Odd things about the Tron bike.

Had my first ride today with my new Tron bike and immediately noticed a few different things. Firstly my avatar never stands up when climbing,even though I was grinding away up the Alp climb and standing up myself for long periods, he just sat there irrespective of my cadence. Secondly he must have the constitution of a camel because he never took a drink once. On looking at a different camera angle I can see why, there’s no water bottle on the bike! I quite miss these traits as they make your ride much more immersive and you only notice them when they are not there. Bike seems a bit quicker though and looks cool but it’s not perfect.

So many people have got nothing better to do than moan.  :wink:

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Aww, still upset about having to throw newspapers when you do your “serious” workouts Paul. Thought you were leaving zwift and taking your money elsewhere.lol. What a loser.

Thanks Mike, appreciate your help.  :slight_smile:

Immersive… Tron… ? No.

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I saw the humour in your original post. It does seem like others have become a little sensitive of late.

Zwift is serious business. Stava used to be serious, now it is zwift. LOL.