Tron Bike?

How do you select or what is the glowing bike?

I captured the below picture as this guy went past me …


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It’s understood to be the reward for completing the Everest challenge and then the advanced Everest challenge – that is, climing 50,000m.

Spotted a tron bike last night when I sped passed it :slight_smile:

Really, I did, it was on the side of the road :P… so bike envy now.

What is the advanced Everest challenge? I just completed the Everest challenge and got the Trek bike. But down the Everest challenge window says I have done 18%. Is this 18% toward the advanced challenge? The picture shows I am already at the top of the mountain. Long way to go if that’s what it is

That’s what it is, yes George. Reach the summit and keep going.  

It’s unfortunate that this achievement is linked to the Everest challenge. People like me who did the California challenge first have a lot of climbing accumulated that won’t count towards it - I’ll have done 62,000m before I get there!

Still, it’s only a game :slight_smile:

Finally got mine! :slight_smile:

It’s a bit easier now with the mountain routes on watopia to make progress.

“easier” is not the word I’d use :slight_smile:

But yes - I quite like plodding up the mountains


Congrats on the achievement by the way

Finally just got mine!  That’s been a long haul.  The mountain climb makes it “quicker” but you sure don’t get many miles that way.  A few hill repeats up to the towers also helped.

So does anybody know the performance aspect of the Tron bike (also known as the Zwift Concept Z1)?  Someone had at one point shown that various bikes and equipment actually do impact your performance on Zwift.  Is the Tron bike actually a “good” bike or does it just make you look super cool?

Check the comment here Eric. The Tron bike is good but as you can’t upgrade the wheels, it’s not the fastest apparently (I haven’t got one personally :-(  ) 

According to those benchmarks, the Tron bike really isn’t that great, performance wise.  So yesterday I set my Kickr to ERG mode and just rode at 200w for 5 laps of Watopia.  3 on the Tron bike, one on the Cervello S5 w/ zipp 808’s, one on the TT bike with 808’s.  I’d do a full lap, banner to banner, then change bikes and backtrack just a bit so I was always up to speed by the time I hit the banner to start.  I didn’t take advantage of any powerup’s.  All 3 of my Tron laps were faster than either the TT or the S5.  (Tron, Tron, S5, TT, Tron - just to double check).  The TT was only marginally slower.  The S5 about 20 seconds slower, out of about 16 minutes.

This clearly wasn’t as scientific as eschlange’s data, but if his data is still correct, the tron bike should have been noticeably slower even in this test.

I’m wondering if the tron bike might have actually gotten some “upgrades” in the last 10 months.  I’m hoping this is the case so I don’t have to decide between looking cool and going fast.  Although just being on Zwift helps with both of those.:slight_smile:

That’s awesome Eric!
I think I will ride the Tron bike a bit more often.
Lately I’ve been on the Buffalo bike with aero wheels - inspired by Mr Game Master

If only I could figure out how to get the hard hat helmet rather than traditional bike helmet :slight_smile:

Agree with Eric above the TRON bike is the fastest, faster than the Zwift TT or Aero or any other bike.

TT Bike:


@…BB… Are you talking about the orange cap instead of the helmet? If so, I got mine when I got to level 25.

Rebecca: The Game Master rider/avatar wore a construction hard hat. The avatar represented a specific Zwift/corporate/internal log in. I haven’t seen GM in a long time.

Steve, that would make sense

Yes, I haven’t seen the game master in quite a long while - I guess he took his hard hat helmet and went home. :slight_smile:

Lately I’ve been wearing the orange hat though with the beta-test jersey and plaid socks. Let the fashion police scream! :slight_smile: