Ban the Tron e-bikes from races

As they are an advantage, more than TT bikes with disc wheels, and at the same time great at climbing… it’s not so equal using them in races.

Many races ban TT bikes, so hope organisers can be able to ban Tron e-bikes.

There’s a few bikes faster than the Tron.

Also the TT bike is slow compared to a group of racers.


Tron is not as good a climber as some bikes:

And not as fast as a TT bike:


Just climb 50,000 kilometers and get your own.


I think you mean meters.


He’s just saying what it FEELS like.


Predictably, this has irritated the guys who own the e-bike who always use it to their advantage … :joy:

I was simply asking about the possibility that an organizer could organize an “e-bike free” race.
Owners of the advantageous bike are not obliged to participate, it is certain that there will continue to be an infinity of events where they can be used. :wink:

Many events expressly exclude TT-bikes, although in the case of these, Zwift does not offer drafting, therefore they would not be as advantageous as the Tron e-bike, which apart from being extremely fast (sci-fi bike, so it’s logical) it does enjoy the draft advantage as well.

I have only asked about the possibility of organizing more equate events in terms of gear advantages. Maybe some people would like to participate in them.

Rather than “banning” particular bikes, it might be better to have more races where everyone has to ride the same bike.

But I’m not bothered personally, as at least in Zwift - unlike real life - you can’t “buy” a performance advantage - you have to earn it.

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How much faster is the tron bike than the fastest non TT bike on a 30km rolling course.

From zwiftinsider:


The difference between the tron and any other high level bike is seconds over an hour… And as has been mentioned there are multiple bikes that are faster than the tron when used with disk wheel.

You aren’t winning or losing because you ride the new aeroad vs someone else on a tron

Tron isn’t as fast as you think it is


Someone posted a good idea a week or two ago. Why not simply classify bikes as climbing bike, aero bike, all-rounder bike and get rid of the micro-differences between each bike?

A few advantages: The star rating system would actually mean something. You wouldn’t need to worry about which bike is ever so slightly faster.

People could actually ride the same bike in Zwift that they ride in the real world or, even better, ride the bike in Zwift that they would like without having to worry that they have chosen a “slow” bike.

People might actually buy stuff in the drop shop. You could collect all the bikes you want without having to worry that you’d never ride one because it’s 5 seconds slower over 40km.

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Same bike would be interesting too! :ok_hand: :smiley:

As in the driving simulators or real life races…

Well if you consider 2500 seconds for that course (could be?)
with a good bike as Tarmac SL7 and good aero wheels as for example Zipp 808, the difference with the Tron e-bike will be around 16 seconds.

I think 16 seconds is not so “close” in a race like that.
I loose races by 2 seconds where I’m out top 10… :joy:

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Only the best bike (Venge S-Works) with the best disc wheels can be as fast as Tron e-bike, around 2 seconds faster on the flat in a 2500 seconds race.
But that Venge S-Works + 858 & Super 9 disc is almost the worst climbing while Tron bike not.

You and @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ can see this:

NOTE: that data about Canyon Aeroroad 2021 are previous to the last update when Zwift changed the performance. There is another updated graphic.

It depends on the difference between winning/loosing, as there are many other factors involved…

IMHO the difference between power recording devices will always be greater than the difference between virtual bike setups. Fixed bike events: sure no problem. Banning specific bike set ups: wouldn’t have my priority tbh. Disclaimer: having only just unlocked the Tron myself (literally on my last ride), I might come back to this opinion later.


Good thing you can change your bike setup to suit the race type, and your particular strengths and weaknesses, eh?

I don’t think I would consider the Tarmac SL7 a “good” bike.

This :point_up_2:


Totally true.

Now if you have an accurate device, and don’t use Tron bike… then you have even bigger handicap.

Well, really it is good in a “balance” climbing+aero.
If you change, you can have 1-2 seconds faster on the flats with the best aero, Venge S-Works.
You will have still 14seconds slower (without the best disc wheels) set-up than the Tron e-bike in the 30km race.