Bike performance in races

Are there any races where everyone is on the same bike … or at least each bike is given the same performance?

Racing is hard enough when you’re new let alone when everyone else is on a faster bike. You start to focus, or at least I have been, on getting the Tron, rather than enjoying riding!

Maybe it’s just me.

I think that you’re overestimating the advantage that you get from different bikes. Your own performance is by far the higher factor.


Thanks Steve.

It’s easy to think that those at the front on Tron bikes are doing well because of their bikes.

I can tell you that on more than one occasion I’ve finished dead last in a race on my Tron bike!


The tron bike is a great all-rounder but on many routes it’s not the perfect choice. It’s one of the best choices when you don’t want to think about bike choice. The zwifterbikes website presents the Zwift Insider test data and will show you the optimal bike & wheel choice for any given route or segment for your level. Two things you may notice are (1) tron bike is not always fastest, and (2) the differences often amount to a few seconds over the entire route, which is something you can compensate for with your legs.


This is a fact! We’re talking seconds in draftless conditions, as also seconded by Paul.

In racing there’s drafting. There’s also much bigger factors such as weight and size and that plays a significant role. Hint: Ask us light (-ish/-er) guys about flat TTT’s… :nauseated_face:

It’s easy to say, I presume, but if you’ve got a “good enough” bike, just go out there and enjoy it. I actually make a point nowadays of NOT using my Tron.

Some races/TTs do put everyone on the same frame, but not that many.

However, even when they do, you have free choice of wheels from my experience.

In races with drafting on, relatively speaking, I’m starting to think wheel choice has a larger effect than frame choice.

Under level 15, grab the DT Swiss 62 as a good all rounder, but grab and use the Zipp 808s at level 13 for all but approx 5min+ climbs, or you are specifically being timed on an incline.

It does, at a ratio of about 2:1! If you level up and have access to faster wheels, buy them rather than saving up for a fancy frame.

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Thanks Paul, the site is really useful.

I supposed I’ve been hanging on to my pennies waiting for my ultimate bike(s) rather than buying bikes/wheels along the way … level 24 and 30,000 metres climbing (still a lot long way to the Z1 or Aethos etc). Highlights my “tight ■■■■” personality my wife would say :laughing:.

Maybe I’ll just have to go out and buy a new bike!