WTRL Route selection \ Bike change

So it looks like based on a Zwift insider article that the best tactic next week will be a bike swap for the jungle part of the WTRL race.

I have to ask the question, why the ■■■■ would you choose a route that specifically disadvantages a group of users based on the hardware they use to run Zwift rather than ability or tactics. It just seems illogical and poorly thought out.

@Charlie_Issendorf any feedback?


I would suggest Zwift stop people from changing Bikes during a race. That should be the easy solution. :sunglasses:


It should be the easy solution. Somehow I dont think Zwift will agree…

Thanks for the feedback, Lee. I’ve passed it on.


Though it does also have the feeling of

Edit - Thats meant to be falling down a well… Im not sure thats the first impression I get from that gif :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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Looks like my colon :smile:


Sorry, but as I’ve said before, I like the challenge of doing the bike swap, even though I’m on Apple TV. That might be due to how slow I am though, meaning that changing to a faster bike makes the change extremely worthwhile!

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For me races should be determined by user performance & tactics, not due to the supported hardware you choose to run the game on. If it was unsupported there would be no argument.

There would be plenty to say if Tacx or Wahoo users had a delay in their performance because that’s the choice they made or AMD users were slowed down due to their choice of processor (awaits a smart comment about AMD processors).

Its bringing factors that shouldn’t be an issue into play that simply shouldn’t be there - That is, Zwift have not improved the menu system on ATV alongside the remote functions, so why should this impede a racer?

There are already plenty of differences in supported equipment that can affect results though.

Differences in trainer accuracy. Some trainers go into supertuck almost instantly when you stop pedalling others have a delay of several seconds. Some users have a higher level in-game which lets them buy faster bikes/wheels. The list goes on.

None of the above bother me personally.

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We are not going to agree, I dont think any of that is a valid counter argument. .

Are the trainers that go into super tuck quickly the same ones that don’t allow coasting?
On the cat enforced race in Richmond, I saw another rider go into super tuck and I was able to take advantage of it there.
On the recent TOW, it seemed super tuck was really delayed and apparently doesn’t occur on the Jungle circuit.

Can you get up to the required speed on the descent in the jungle? 56kph.

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I had to get a calculator.
33 mph. Maybe not.
I know I was around 30.
I thought it was 25 mph or 40 kph.
I don’t know how fast I was in Richmond but the hills are short and I slipped into quickly.
I really expected to get into super tuck more quickly on the 2 Bridge loop.

I’m really not sure. Quite possibly.

There’s an argument that the game shouldn’t be dumbed down to accommodate a platform with (by some distance) the worst and most restrictive input method. Some people don’t have a keyboard, and some people are using a touchscreen. All are valid and there isn’t any parity.

The fact is that Zwift should ensure fairness by providing more functionality within a neutral and universal input method: the Companion app.

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Unfortunately to meet parity, you normally have to use the lowest common denominator as a marker. If Apple TV is supported, which it is, then the input method is the base level for everyone’s standard.

That’s probably a sensible suggestion, so we shouldn’t expect that to go anywhere.

:rofl: aaaaaaaaaaa

I’m on the PC and don’t mind bike changes, but I believe in fair competition. It should be a level playing field in terms of what can be done by players.
The UI for bike changes is just too different across platforms to be fair, but I’m also on a wahoo bike and zwift’s steering of those (even when disabled) means I spend most of my time out of draft in races too, so fairness isn’t high on their priorities.

So with the lack of feedback or response we can take it as fair racing is something that Zwift talks about & pays lip service to, but doesn’t implement.
@xflintx Fair racing was your go to phrase for the last 4 months? Anything?

James is across this and we’re taking it into account. There isn’t much more I can say right now that I haven’t said before: thanks for your feedback, we’ll keep it logged and get to it when we can in relation to other work and priority.

Appreciate it.

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