Which bike will you choose before join in a race

I would use tronbike “concept Z1”. It might be the best bike in race now.

I searched forums then found someone suggested to ban TronBike in races, because it is “an advantage”. 3⭐aero 3⭐weight,4⭐wheels

Would it really become fair enough if races without tronbike?
people race online, they would use different power trainers, power meters, other different frames/wheels choice except tronbike, those things also make difference.

After compared frames+wheels performece chart in zwiftinsider,
if i don’t use tronbike in race, the best choice seems to be aeroad 2021+enve7.8, only slower in flat but the same in climb.

(compared chart in zwiftinsider article ZWIFT’S UPDATED CANYON AEROAD 2021)

best all-around frame in terms of percentile rankings: canyon aeroad2021