Choice of bike

For the PARK PERIMETER LOOP is there a bike and wheel choice that will be faster then the Tron bike? Thanks. Is there also a bike and wheel choice that is faster then the Tron for most of the racing? no Mountains

Have a look at this article. It’ll help you choose.

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For flat routes S5 disc (S5 2020) and the DT Swiss disc wheel set is probably fastest.

Undulating routes I’m not so sure. Tron bike probably best all round for non-steep routes provided you’ve unlocked it.

Don’t put too much stock into which combo is the fastest in a controlled test environment. The fastest combo might be a few seconds faster over an hour test, but does that really make a difference when you are riding in a race or event with drafting and power ups enabled?


“… and sticky draft being soooo sticky”

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Yes, my ride this morning was terrible for that with Zwift slamming on the brakes every time I tried to go past someone doing a workout.

Really most of the quickest bike a wheel combinations are pretty decent anyway.

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Thanks for the feed back