Which Zwift Awarded Bike is Faster?

I have completed two of the Zwift Challenges, 5x Everest and Tour of CA, and have three bikes to choose from. I LOVE to climb and was lucky enough to unlock the Meilenstein wheels on my 12th time up Alpe du Zwift before earning the Tron Bike many climbs later. My question is, which bike is faster and are their specialties for each combination. My choices are:

  1. Tron Bike
  2. Trek Emoda with Meilenstein wheels
  3. Specialized Tarmac with Meilsteins wheels
    Also, I have 4 million sweat points. What should I consider buying?

Given the number of drops you have, the Tron bike and the Meilensteins are the only bits of kit on your list that are worth using. Check zwifterbikes.web.app to compare bikes on different routes.

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The Zwifter Bikes website is a fantastic resource for finding the fastest frame/bike combo of different routes.



The Emonda with the Lightweights will beat the Tron up the Alpe.

Not sure what level you are, but the Cannondale Evo is a really cheap bike (200,000ish drops) and is a touch faster uphill than the Emonda.

For really flat courses, the Uranium Nuclear is a very cheap and fast bike too. Loses to the Tron though, until Level 35 when you can finally buy fast enough wheels for it (Zipp 808/Super9).

The Tarmac isn’t going to climb better than the Emonda or roll on the flats better than the Tron.

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You should buy Cannondale Evo if it’s available and use Meilenstein wheels. Fast combination for uphill.

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