Best climbing bike for level 25

What is the Best climbing bike and setup for level 25?

Thanks. Also i do have the Tron bike already but i guess it’s not the best climber.

See Speed Tests: Zwift’s Fastest* Bike Frames for Climbing | Zwift Insider
The Cannondale EVO should be available and is a good climbing frame.

In terms of wheels, try to get the Lightweight Meilensteins on the wheel of fortune atop Alpe du Zwift - they‘re tied for best climbing wheels (Speed Tests: Zwift’s Fastest* Wheels for Climbing | Zwift Insider)

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It’s a big ship for up hill riding. Cannondale Evo or the Tarmac Pro are great. Then do heaps of ADZ to get the Meilenstein wheels.

If you can get ultimate CFR that is also very good uphill.

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Looks like the Evo with DT Swiss ARC 62 wheels is your best bet


Best climbing bike as mentioned by others at level 25 is the Cannondale Evo. Add the Lightweight Meilenstein wheels which are in your garage already and you will be around 18 seconds quicker up the Alpe than on your Tron.

AFAIK great climbing setups are only any good if you are only going uphill, they don’t roll as well downhill or on the flat. This is where your Tron becomes a much better allrounder.

If you are not racing you always have the option to pause your ride and change to whichever bike performs best on the terrain or elevation.


Thanks everyone, i just discovered that you can purchase frames :grinning: so i picked up Cannondale and already had the Millstiens from climbing the Alpe forever to get the Tron. My buddies were attempting the Everesting challenge on the Alpe today and i joined them for three laps with my new setup. Also unlocked the Masochist achievement today :clown_face:


Congrats! Good work!

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Nah. Only took me twice :wink:

Go ahead… Rub it in.
I figure I’ll get mine soon since I finally broke down and bought the equivalent wheel set.

This right here is the biggest selling point I can think of for just leaving the Z1 equipped all the time, particularly since most people don’t have the Meilensteins, narrowing the gap even more. Ditto for flat routes where the most aero wheelset and slipperiest TT bike only unlock at Level 42.

I get some people want to eek out max performance but the Z1 is just so close I’d rather not risk having an egregiously “wrong” frame/wheelset equipped before an event.


The only downside to the Tron is that it’s ugly :slight_smile:

Zwift Concept Z1 unlocked



I ride the Tron bike quite a bit despite its ugliness, but sometimes I pick a standard bike in order to get more feedback about when I’m in the draft (since I don’t use Sauce).


I don’t hold it against anyone to ride it :slight_smile: And I’m on the climb to get it just to get it, but I’m not likely to ride it a lot. I mostly don’t like it because I’m a bike nerd and I like looking at digital versions of real bikes instead of a thing that is just bike-shaped :slight_smile:

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Maybe it’s time for an adjustment of the Tron bike to encourage more variety in bike use. :cowboy_hat_face:

Remember when the S5 2020 was the bike to have and it caused quite a stir. Now it’s rarely used - everyone has seems to have migrated back to Tron or Venge (the traditional fast bike).

It seems anecdotally that I see fewer Trons on the roads now than even when I started back in Sept. Is that something to do with Northern Hemisphere winter and a different Zwifting population? Our TdZ stage yesterday, the bunch we were in (top 100ish out of 600+) had about 5% Trons, I’d say, which is representative of what I’ve been seeing lately. Maybe I’m just filtering them out of my brain :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe more people have the drops (and levels) needed to get Venge and the DTSwiss disc wheel combination.

I’ve been at level 60 for a long time now and still have nearly 8,000,000 drops despite buying nearly every frame there is. Some of them would be nice to be able to sell and get drops back.

Madone, the Colnago (slow), Factor, etc.

You could sell that account on eBay and start a new one :stuck_out_tongue: That would clear out your garage, and set you up for a whole bunch of motivational marks to hit.

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What other use is there for drops?

Zwift could kill two birds with one stone (although why do people always want to kill birds? Let birds be!) if they just allowed people to leave their surplus bikes on the side of the road. You leave a bike you don’t want leaning against a curb in Richmond, someone else who isn’t earning drops at the moment can just grab it on their way past. Done and done.