Best climbing bike for level 25

Not so much the drops but too many bikes there and some that never get used.

Realistically I only use Venge and the Ultimate CFR or the Aethos and perhaps Cadex for TT.

The drops I should get back for bikes I don’t use or want. Just as in real life when you sell one.

I still have over 4,000,000 in sweat equity, what other bikes do i need? Looks like i should pick up the Venge? And the Cadex?

And the DT Swiss disc if you can get it. The Venge without a disc is not faster than the Tron bike. Check your favorite routes on for tips.

Venge plus DT Swiss disc combination certainly.

Cadex tri bike as well, unless it gets nerfed at a future update, then you are back to the Canyon TT bike (the newer one).

Venge is level 33+, DT Swiss Disc level 42+.
@_Rodney_K_S_D asked about level 25 8 days ago…

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yeah I picked up the Venge then I noticed it isn’t the S-works Venge. Even tho it says S-Works?!?

Also I am a mountain biker so I don’t really know about rodie stuff. :slight_smile:

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