Bike choice

Is the specialized s works venge with the dt disc wheel the fastest setup for most of the routes besides ventop, alpe, or the KOM climbs. Faster then the tron? On bigger climbs should I use the zip 858 fast no disc wheel thanks ? Is there faster set ups?

The Fondos this weekend what would be the best/fastest setups ? Have the kom at the end , tron venge s works with disc wheel, or 858 wheel ? Thanks

Check out the data at Zwift Speed Tests: Frame Ranking Charts | Zwift Insider and Zwift Speed Tests: Wheel Ranking Charts | Zwift Insider


Does bike choice really even matter at all? You are talking about a few seconds over an hour, and the tests zwiftinsider perform don’t include drafting. You are better off staying with a group and working together than worrying about what bike and wheels you have equipped.


I use the TRON for all events apart from a TT event