Aero wheels or TT BIKE

A asume the equipment is important depending on the route because of the weigh and the aero stars but what about TT BIKES VS DRAFT.
My question is:
What is better in a flat route?

  • BIKE WITH AERO WHEELS with draft?

If I want to do100miles as fast as I can with the minimum effort which choice is better?

  • Aero bike with aero wheels using some drafts from zwifters around
  • TT BIKE with no drafts

Thank you all in advance

Mostly a time trial bike will be fastest, esp a flat course like Tempus or Richmond flat.Why not make it a fun experiment to ride 20 on your tt bike, then switch to fast drafting bike for 20 more minutes. For an event, drafting is your best bet, esp. with double draft on in some races.

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A test would be the best option to know which is better but my legs wouldn’t be the same the second 20’ lap…
Can someone confirm?

A TT bike is the fastest but you can’t draft.

I consider the TRON bike to be a draftable TT bike.
So, if I’m riding for distance on a flat route, use the TRON bike.
The TRON bike is a dog on hills.

On all other courses with rollong hills, your probably better off with a light weight aero bike such as Zwift Aero, Cervelo S5 or S Works Venge and an aero set of wheels.
I like the Zip 454 wheels.
The 808 are also an option but are heavier.

If I ever try to race the Insbruk course, I might try a Tarmac Pro with 454 wheels.

If they ever start mandatory slowing in turns, a light weight frame like Tarmac Pro and 858 wheels may be a neat combo.

That said, there are 3 factors that affect speed - fitness, race/ride tactics and equipment - in that order of importance.

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Thank you but I don’t have yet the Tron Bike.

I understand TTBikes are faster on flats.
But my question is what is better a normal
Bike with aero wheels (808Zipp) and draft. Or a TTBike with the same wheels without draft?

Check out the zwift insider website for several articles that test wheels and frames for various terrain.

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Use the fastest bike you have that will draft. The Zwift insider tests did not include drafting. The TT bike may be fast but the draft will be faster - unless you’re the fastest rider on the road.


Right now there are so many people using Zwift, I’d go for the bike with the draft!


Correct answer! I did a race Saturday and a poor sucker picked a TT bike and basically had to push about 1 w/kg more than everyone in the pack to keep up. That dude was strong, I gave him a ride on for certain

The TT is faster if you are alone, but in a group drafting is faster. For what the op is trying to do, I’d suggest finding a long distance group event to attend and finish rest on your own


Perfect. Thank you very much!


If your goal is to ride 100 mi, here is my suggestion.
Use a TT bike and ride the Volcano route 40 times. You will get XP points for completing that badge (25 lap) and if your on a TT bike, you will get 10 points each time you go under the arch (400 pts). You will also complete the metric century badge.
If you jump off the Volcano after 25 laps, you will have 40 miles left.
Switch to your draftable bike and do laps on the desert flats.
The TT bile garrentees 10 extra points every lap and the volcano is the shortest flattest route.
It is also available every day.


Yeah! Thank you! I will try it. It helps a lot.


What great advice. I’ll book myself in for some of that. I’m haven’t set any form of strategy to earn badges. But when one drops in my lap, I’m not fool enough to pass it by.

The ‘Zwift Speed Tests: Wheel Ranking Charts’ on Zwift Inside look to be still current. They provide pretty much everything you need… thought you’ll still need to make the final decision yourself :wink: