100 miles

I am planing to do the 100 ml challenge. I’m not too bothered about speed but would like to make it as easy as possible. I plan to do Tempus Fugit until I go dizzy.
What would be best:
Aero bike - Cervelo S 5. or light - Spec Tarmac Pro.


On flats, aero is faster.

If you’re going to jump into the draft of random other riders whenever you can, the S5. If you don’t care about drafting, you’d be faster on the Zwift TT bike (unless you’ve purchased another faster one—then use that). Whatever you ride, also use the most aero wheels you have—something like the Zipp 808 or similar.

No particular bike is going to be “easier” than any other—you’ll just finish in more or less time.

Best if you have a group to ride with and draft on a road bike.

Flats are best for covering distance quickly. Use the most aero bike you have on the most aero wheel set you have.

If you find yourself riding quit a bit with no one around and only getting a draft here and there then get on your best TT bike with the most aero wheel set you have.

In either case a lightweight bike and wheels will be much slower and take you longer to complete the 100 miles.

Way back in the day you could do long rides incorporating one or more group rides. You rode solo, then arrived just outside the starting pens when a group ride was getting underway. Do the group ride, enjoy the group draft, and when they’re done, keep on riding, or join another group.

Now that group rides, understandably, are invisible to everyone else, that’s not possible anymore.

Great. Cervelo and 808’s it is

Not sure what your experience is with long rides. If you have experience, then you know what to do. If not, however, be sure you pace yourself. Go too hard (actually, even just go at all hard) at the start, and you’ll be suffering for the last half of the event. In essence, if you haven’t done anything like a century before, avoid going over like 60-65% of your FTP pretty much ever during the ride. Not trying to be alarmist, but lots of people get pacing wrong and are miserable for the entire second half of the ride :grimacing:

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As long as you are doing 100 miles, sign up for the AMP/EF Pro Cycling Challenge and do 103 miles and a chance to win bigtime SWAG…details on ZwiftInsider.

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While you are at it do the PRL full and get that badge.

lol Behave yourself, Gerrie.

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I completed the PRL half badge a month or so ago. I cannot even imagine doing double that. That 15% kicker coming back out of the train station really eats away at the soul after a few trips!

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Might as well pop up VT afterwards maybe

If you haven’t already done it, you can do the Volcano lap X 25 and get that badge and points then pop over to The desert flats to finish up.
Go “draftable” aero.
The Tron bike is a good choice in the desert.