Riding 100km

I like to ride 100km every month - strava challenge - and I always ride this on real roads. I’m now recovering from a broken wrist and need to ride it on zwift. It struck me that the best way to do this is with a pace partner (D.Diesel) but I’ll want to have a coffee break just like I do IRL. How do I get back on after the break? I want to keep this as a continuous ride so can’t log back in and because I use Apple TV I can’t return to Home Page.

Hi @Philip_Jones2, welcome to the forums. You can take a break for as long as you want, just stop and your avatar will wait by the side of the road. Depending on what route Diesel is on, you can either wait for him to come back around and jump back into the group, or make a few manual turns to find him again.

Tempus fugit is obviously the easiest route for this since you can always just head in the direction where the bot blob is and then take a U turn when you see the blob coming your way to keep the wait as short as possible.