Pace Partner - IN and OUT - same long ride

I like riding with the Pace Partners and occasionally need / want to do a longer continuous ride of over 100 km. It would be very helpful if you could join a Pace Partner and then pause for a ‘nature break’ and then be able to rejoin that Pace Partner (or another one to vary the intensity of the workout) without ‘losing’ the previous mileage gained toward the days target mileage in a single ride. Currently, it seems that there is no reliable way to jump back into a Pace Partner ride after a short break or getting dropped, or switch Pace Partners to vary the intensity while continuing to accumulate mileage to reach your goal for that day without saving the ride and starting all over with the same or another PP. Can this be fixed?.

I was recently asking about a “Pedal Assist” button to help achieve this - Sometimes you just need to jump off the bike for a minute - and even a little bit of inattention can see you lose a pace partner group. Obviously I wouldn’t expect to earn miles and XP while I was “on pause”

Another option would be to make the “Ride With” submenu available from the in-game menu so if you come to a halt you can pick any pace partner/zwifter to tag along with.

I might guess that the downside of this is how Zwift is looking at activities now to determine your category for races. If what’s being proposed is possible, would Zwift look at your time spent as one activity and only count the moving time, even if in an extreme example you rode for 1 hour, with five separate 10 minute breaks after the 1st thru 5th 10min ride segments?

A strategic comfort break and rejoin PP is possible. For example on Watopia Waistband the route turns left at the Italian fountain. So you turn right, do the sprint & esses then take your break. The PP will be along shortly heading to downtown where you could rejoin. I think that you will continue to follow the Waistband route too.

You can do the same if you want to mix up your route too. Again i hooked left during a waistband route PP ride and completed the epic climb. I dropped back down the other side and returned to the route at the marina. A few minutes later the PP caught me up and i rejoined.

Using the app you can search zwifters for the PP name, then select to view where they are. You can then anticipate the group catching you.

It just takes a little bit of route knowledge, planning and on the fly checking which can be a bit of fun.

Ride On!

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Agree that obviously all forms of achievement should be paused including “moving time” etc. I would be a bit harsh to lose a route badge to have to answer the door or similar, so that would be the one area where I’d expect a little leeway (maybe allow the extra distance to be re-earned then award the route)

It might sound a bit chaotic but the more I ride the more I’m favouring having “Ride With…” available any time you’re stationary - this would make re-joining a PP easy, let you join a friend or just get a quick change of scenery / route…

I agree - this function would be nice. You can pause a Zwift Workout. It is nice to ride with a slower PP to force a rest day. But it is a pain to stop and start a new ride just to do a “bio-break”. Maybe just add a “Pause” and do not let it count toward accomplished milage.

Get out in front of the pace partner at the top of a really long descent, hammer the cranks a few turns, and then run to the bathroom :smiley: