Warmup time for Pace Partners

It would be really nice if there was a checkbox for a 5 minute warmup or a slider (0 to 10 minute warmup) prior to joining a pace partner.

How would that work.

You could start a ride and ride for 10 minutes then save and start with the pace partner.

Like rubber-banding with a PP, and then it turns off after 5 minutes?


Lets use Pace Partner A on Watopia’s Road to Ruin route as an example. Zwift knows the route so start the rider in the normal start area for the route. Then re-use the “Join Event” code. The count down timer is already built, you have the join event button built, you have stay here instead built. Just change the auto join time.

The user experience is familiar and much of the code is already there. Users can use the time to warmup and change equipment. It just makes sense to have a warmup before riding at 4.2w/kg right away. Every workout has a warmup and so does every group ride. Its a better user experience and gets more users into doing social group rides on zwift. Same for runners.

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The alternative is to warm up with cadence or brevet, but if you only got half an hour I could se the frustration in not getting to fill up your drops-multiplier.