Warm Up Before Starting a Pace Partner

Currently the Pace Partner (which is a brilliant feature by the way) doesn’t allow you to warm up or see where they currently are on the course before joining them.

A feature solution to include would be to allow the user to briefly warm up whilst being positioned with the Pace Partner. The user could simply use this time to warm up and see what point of the course they are positioned.

Im a UX designer in the UK and have attached the following design to illustrate the proposed feature:



One option would be to have the distance traveled on the current route displayed at the sign in screen instead of total distance traveled that day.
Right now when you log into a pace partner, it’s like riding with any other rider.
CoCo Cadence may show 320 miles.
The route that she rides is only about a 12 mile loop.
If her distance would count up to the completion of 1 lap then reset, you could tell were she is in her lap.
Mile 6 would put her in Las Vegas and mile 11 means she’s back at the start.
With CoCo, its not such a big deal because you see her coming and going but it would help with the other bots.