Optional 'Keep together' for start of Pace Partner rides to allow time to Warm Up

I find that I have to Warm Up prior to joining a pace partner or else its extremely hard to keep up because my muscles are still cold. I have thought that it would be a good idea to introduce an Optional ‘Keep together’ for riders for the first 3-5mins of joining a pace partner to allow them sufficient time to get their muscles warm and then continue at the pace of the Pace Partner thereafter. Is this a feature you would like to see?

Hi Anton,

Good idea.

One tip I heard (think it was on the Zwiftcast podcast) about warming up and still riding with a pace partner was to join and then do a U turn. This should keep you on the same course but in the opposite direction. As the pace partner group approaches you do another U turn to join up with them.

Cheers, Andy.


Thanks for the tip Andy. Its definitely a good suggestion. I would like to see something like this get introduced because Zwift is already able to ‘Keep Everyone Together’ and also have ‘Warm up times’ like during a workout. Combining these two applications in riding with the Pace Partner would make me a very happy Zwifter :slight_smile:

This is a common AND common-sense request frequently echoed in other threads. A solution that I would also use would be to be able to ascend or descend through different pace partners during the same riding session. I see myself warming up with Dan for 10-20 km, then switching to Coco for a stretch, then really burning some watts with Bowie, and finally falling back with the Diesel-man for a cool-down. And many combinations of the above. You get the idea. Switching pace 'bots WITHOUT having to leave the game, re-enter, and manage multiple partner app reports. Easy-peasy!

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Thanks for your comment Wes. A great work around indeed.