Join pace partner in ride

Pace partners is a great addition… Only problem is that I normally warm up before joining. That means: starting a ride, warming up, saving ride (which quits the game :roll_eyes:), opening Zwift, pairing everything and starting the ride again with pace partner! A little onerous to say the least.

I’ve tried warming up with pace partner but just get dropped.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Yep, this complaint has been posted on this forum several times when the Pace Partners were released, but I don’t see them changing anything any time soon.

I do about a 1 mile warm up while still on the screen for selecting your ride. I know I don’t get credit for it, but I also can only ride with Diesel Dan, so it’s a fairly manageable pace without a lot of warm up required for most users. I can see where the faster Pace Partners would need much more warm up time, and I wouldn’t want to lose out on that credit.

Unfortunately I think what you’re doing (logging 2 rides) is the best you can do for now. Zwift hasn’t been very responsive to customer requests in this forum for a while.

I still voted for it, though…you never know!

Cheers :+1:


Another possibility is to start, U-turn, then U-turn again when you see them coming (need to stay alert for this). The shorter the route the better this works. With Coco Cadence the loop is quite short. It’s longer with Bowie Brevet, and longer still with Amelia Anquetil.

Great idea, thanks!