100km for the first time - route ideas please


Doing 100km on Tuesday (to raise money for the NHS here in the UK), any route suggestions? I want to keep it reasonably flat if possible. I don’t mind repeating routes.



Tick Tock is a great route for long rides. I did a century on it a week ago and it was super flat

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Tick Tock is the second flattest route in Watopia (the whole of Zwift?).

34m of elevation over 17km (between lowest and highest point, not total for the route).


The flattest is Tempus Fugit (also Watopia) with just 5m of elevation over 17km.


Depends if you want to do the same route 5 times or want to mix it up with manual turns, but it’s your best option for flat roads I think.

Tick Tock has more variety in terms of scenery though (Tempus Fugit is back and forth in the desert).

If you haven’t done so yet, do the 25X volcano Badge.
Do it on a TT bike and you get:
1860 XP for the 62 miles ridden,
I think about 860 XP for the 25 laps around the volcano.
I think about 1000 XP for the metric century.
You get 10 points every time you go under the banner on the TT bike = 250 points.
All together, you complete 2 badges and get 3970 XP.


So 41 times would give me the 100 mile badge. What about the merits of doing Alp de Zwift and pedaling down hill?

@Denise_Aday Are you asking about using Alpe du Zwift to unlock the 100-mile achievement badge??? or am I misunderstanding? It’s something like 12.2km (about 7.5/7.6 miles [x2 if you descend]), so you’d have to do something like 6.5 round trips (approx. 6 ascents with follow-up descent + one more ascent without descent). I must be misunderstanding, but in general…

To accumulate kms/miles asap, ride flat (fast) routes.
To accumulate elevation asap, ride steep (slow) routes.