So where are the timed 10mile and 25 mile TT segments in game?

So the climbers get all their climbs as timed segments with jerseys.
The sprinters get timed sprint segments with jerseys.

Zwift releases an advertised as ‘for TT’ers’ new flat course addition to Watopia and we don’t even get our own 10 mile and 25 mile timed segments?!?!

What the ■■■■ Zwift?!?!? (why on earth is the forum censoring the word h311??)

B- ‘could do better’

I’m sure we can make one for you on Strava. Which course are you choosing for your time trials? Tempus or Tick Tock?

I think the priority for some is 100km and 180.25 Ironman length or a simple lap counter. I’m not sure how many cyclists do mile lengths as opposed to 25 and 40 km. We would all have to agree on a length.

Here is a triple lap of Tempus at 52.4 km: Triple Stack

Usually, within a week or two, there are hundreds of Strava sections. Star them and you will record your time every time.

Agreed. There should be in-game, timed segments of standard TT distances (e.g., UK TT standards). The new road is the perfect place to introduce this.


I’m sure there will be various tt races in all lengths. 10, 25, 40, etc.

I did a double out-and-back of the Tempus Fugit the other day. In both laps the return was a timed segment entitled Fuego Flats Reverse, but neither of the out legs were timed.

The request is for a permanent, always on, timed segment/course in the Zwift game for a TT of 10 miles and/or 25 miles. Just like the timed hilly course in Watopia, the volcano laps, the various KOMs, the sprint segments etc.


10 mile and 25 mile are the standard time trial lengths in the UK and make up the vast majority of races organised by CTT (Cycling Time Trials - the national organisation), with the odd 50 here and there. A beginner goal is to ride at ‘standard’ (20mph) for each of these distances. A big goal for a lot of tt’ers is to break the hour for a 25. So having a standard course for each of these would be a great asset.

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The UK uses miles?

Oh you are correct.
a bit out of the ordinary.

Why change?

what are kilometres?

Yeah, no one wants to spend the money to change all the maps, road signage etc.

Contrasting with, say, selling food where you can pass a law telling the shop they have to use kilograms and it’s their problem.

A 10 mile TT segment on Tick Tock would be really helpful. Thanks.

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I’m sure we will get something down the line. How would you feel about a reset button for your time/mileage display? This way anyone could start a timer for any length they want. For now, the only real option is to enter a specific time trial race.
Thanks for voting.

Time Trialling is traditionally and historically British -

It would be nice for Zwift to acknowledge this rich history with a 10 and 25 mile timed sectors in the same manner as we have timed climbs and sprints.


Timer reset wouldn’t do the trick I’m afraid. I run our local club time trials and we’ve just had our entire TT season blown out by long term roadworks on the course. To keep everyone’s competitive juices flowing I’m trying to work out if there is a way of doing a 10 mile TT on Zwift. The problem is it’s difficult to get a definitive start and end point. The closest I can get so far is to set up a 10 mile Strava segment on Tick Tock but really hard to specify a start and finish.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

It’s not very hard to set up a Strava 10 mile segment. Naturally, it should start at the sprint line. I could make one. I’ve already made a triple lap of Tempus which is over 50 km.
(PS a reset would tell you exactly how much mileage and time you have from any start line that you would choose. It isn’t available yet, other than race organizers, who usually choose a 16km distance. I don’t see any on the calendar this week except a ten mile lap of Richmond, which has 3 short climbs. Richmond 10 mile UCI lap

I edited a 10 mile segment 10 mile time trial
It starts with the sprint timer line. Give it a shot.
(make sure you click on the star so it will show up automatically on your results.

Thanks Zee I’ll give it a try.

Got a note that Rachael Elliot just crushed the womens ten mile time trial. She’s so awesome #myidol 22:52 at 4.5 w/kg #YouGoGirl

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Did she fully recover from her stroke? If so, that is awesome in itself!

I set up a 10 mile TT for ZSUN this week, and when I was drilling into it I found something in game which could be of interest: My idea for this first TT was to start from the route spawn point, but because there are variances in spawning position I decided to look at the route profile and I found that after 1.9km the map repeats itself, so you get the same profile over the first 5 miles as you do the second 5 miles, which for a flat course is nice. But then I started looking at some videos of the route and found that there seems to be a sprint marker smack on the point that I made the start and finish point, what’s really great about this is that reminds me of the kerb marks for British TT routes. I’m going to ask the clever chaps at Zwift to see if they can verify this for me. In the meantime, I have attached some screenshots of the point, and if you are looking for the Strava segment then you can see it here [], Finally, even though I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that this marker just happens to be here, then because of the way that strava works then I would give it the beans a couple of hundred meters either side until Zwift fess up!