Tempus Fugit Time Trial results by segments

How do I view the results (e.g., time, speed, power) for each of the four segments from the Tempus Fugit TT? Better yet, is there a way to view and compare the results to previous Tempus Fugit TTs?

I can’t seem to find segmented results in the Companion app or Zwiftpower.

There are only 2 segments on Tempus Fugit route, The sprint and the reverse.

You should be able to find them on Strava, just look for the ones that say ZwiftInsider.

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Thanks Paul. Maybe ‘segment’ is not the right term. What I meant is that during a TT on Tempus Fugit, time, HR, and power are shown on the left hand side of the screen for each ‘sections’ (and there are 4 sections in total; similar to the 21 or 22 climbs on the Alpe) . Is there a way to retrieve, or see, these stats after a race?

Ok, you are talking about when you are in a TT Event.

I looked on Strava and I didn’t find any.

The best option is for you to create them on Strava.

Maybe @Gerrie_Delport has some better insight on this.

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Sorry I don’t have those segments.

You should be able to create your own segments in Strava, It show, the segment distance.

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It is hard to ell where they start and end. Any insight?

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No insight, sorry.

I would say go slow and write down your time and distance each segment start and end.

This doesn’t accomplish exactly what the OP is looking for, but it would at least be nice if Zwift would add your PRs for each segment, as they have done for each of the AdZ segments.


Yes agreed. It’s currently pointless to track the checkpoints because the data are inaccessible afterwards it seems.

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@Eric_Schlange_ZI should/could the timed sections that give the checkpoints for TT be added to strava as zwift insider verified segments?

Or the fact that they would be there for every free ride and event make that silly?