More (any?) 40km Time Trial Events Please

Before XMAS there was a couple of 40km TT events each week listed. Now there seems to be zero - just a load of 17.6km Tempus Fugit or the Bologna hill climbs.

Can we have some please? I appreciate they are not for everyone, but they are great training.

40km or 25 miles is an traditionally important marker for many club cyclists. A common aim is trying to go under the hour for 25miles. It is a very common time trial distance here in the UK. I would imagine it is also pretty important to those triathletes training for Olympic distance.

An easy fix - just put some one as has been done in the past. Thank you!

Check out the ZHR Masters TT on Thursdays. Essentially VTTA but Iā€™m scheduling 3 x 10mi and 1 x 25mi. Every quarter, the 1 x 25mi becomes a 50-miler.

Excellent! I will be joining those where possible and thanks for the response. The 50 miler sounds intense!

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