Aero Wheels and Frames (Non TT)

I have apparently missed out on the 808/ super 9 disc combo.
When I initially logged in, it looked like all the 4 start aero wheels had the same rating, even the 808’s had lost wt and were given 3 or 4 stars for wt.
Since there did not appear to be any difference, I decided to wait till folks tested the wheels.
(I did not want to spend my drops because I was excited to be a millionaire!!)

Well, now the Disc wheel is gone, the 808 are back to 1 star for wt so I went ahead and grabbed the 454 wheel set, 4 stars for aero and 3 starts for wt.
It was never an issue before because only the 808 had 4 stars for aero.

My question is, are all the wheels that are 4 stars for aero going to be about the same?

Another related question for bike frames. I know the bike frame tests showed the top 5 fastest frames and for the most part they were less than 30 secs difference so not exactly the same.
All the top 5 frames are 3 stars for aero and 3 stars for wt.
Where does the Parlee rank? Is it #6?
I’ve been switching between the top frames every time I level up just to try them out.
I like all the frames other than the Tron bike because I like seeing when I’m in the draft.
Of course, the Tron bike is still the coolest.

The 454’s should be the fastest on hilly routes. The Super 9 (disc) should return as it is still on iphone drop shop. The new update was to fix a bug where some people purchased but did not retain items in garage. Somehow, the disc wheel got left out. For flat routes, the 858 is more expensive and could be the fastest on flat courses. Sometimes, it is better to feel fast, than to know the actual numbers or seconds gained over an hour effort.
As to comparison, how would Zwift ‘sell’ a company on adding their bike frame to the game by saying, "Well, it won’t be as fast as Pinarello, Cervello, Trek, or Specialized. But, we’ll put it in the top ten? No sale. If it was on an equal level, then why wouldn’t a company want their bike proudly on display?

Your Marketing observation is keen. Maybe there is not a difference between similarly rated wheel sets and frames.
I guess I’m wondering if the 454’s will be as fast as the 808’s?

I was referring to Zwift Insiders article of the fastest bikes: Tron, Cervelo, Madone, Canyon and Zwift Aero, in that order from fastest to slowest. They all have 3 stars for aero and 3 stars for wt.
The Parlee also has 3 stars for each.
For the tests, the 808 wheel set was the fastest unless you had the disc rear wheel offered in the beta version. Tron bike is fastest even though you cant swap wheels - they’re too cool anyway.

Now there are lots of new wheels. I don’t know if the 454’s are faster than the 808 (they are both 4 stars for aero) but they appear quite a bit lighter.